Welcome to Doon Institute of Medical Sciences


The DIMS is able to provide a wide range of tutoring, agriculture, Hospital related jobs to the students who are currently studying at the DIMS. We can commit to providing faster and efficient feedback to students.

We also hope that you will benefit from this exposure to the teaching environment. This type of work provides a valuable insight for those considering a career in Hospitality, agricultures and useful transferable skills. Work on a particular course might also improve your knowledge of a subject area, or open up new research opportunities.

DIMS acts as the hub for the students, faculty staff of medical sciences and agricultural science. It serves the Medical and Agricultural community by providing an extensive collection of information sources to support the faculty of medicine, agricultural research, teaching, and patients care missions. It also provides personal assistance to the faculty, staff, and students who have difficulty or complex queries or simply need help finding and using the appropriate resources. DIMS strive to keep its resources and services current and relevant to the ever-changing landscape of health sciences research.

To help meet these challenges, Fortunately, we have a talented and dedicated team staff members that have already made significant contributions and all of us are eager to chart the future and share it with our Medical and Agricultural fraternity. For the seamless access of the e-resources to the faculty staff & students, we have provided 24-hours internet connection. For the convenience of the students, faculty members are regularly updated about new medical technology and agricultural research.


Doon Institute of Medical Sciences strives to be a leading institution in the field of medical and healthcare, creating ethically sound medical professionals. DIMS would also provide quality medical and healthcare services in the state of Uttarakhand and all India.

The Doon Institute of Medical Sciences, located in the heart of Uttarakhand and the capital city of Dehradun is an upcoming premier medical institute dedicated to provide world class quality education in the fields of Nursing and Paramedical. The future would bring up a hospital and more medical courses.

After the formation of the state of Uttarakhand in the year 2000, very few institutions have catered to the field of nursing and paramedical courses. The increasing literacy rate asks for colleges that offer professional job-oriented courses. DIMS aims at curbing unemployment in the state of Uttarakhand by providing quality education and developing the skill set of the youth for employment in the medical field. We want to be a part of the socio-economic growth of the state through our endeavors.

With the help of highly qualified and very experienced faculty, these courses would be at par and above the best offered in the country. With a big campus to accommodate the students and all the modern amenities we seek to develop the personalities of the future ethical medical professionals. The college would also provide in-campus hostel facilities for the students.


To provide the underserved population of the state and beyond with access to quality, cost effective healthcare services, to prevent and relieve human suffering and enrich the human mind and spirit , thus making a present and lasting contribution to the health and welfare of the people and to become a premier institution, well recognized nationally and internationally for its yeoman services with a holistic approach to health care, research & training.

To create an environment where faculty, staff and students are passionate about their work and education, where patients of all socioeconomic backgrounds are provided the best available care since Doon Institute of Medical Sciences believes that by treating a disease we may succeed or not, but, by treating a person in her/his physical, spiritual and psychological needs, the patient benefits regardless of the physical outcome. Personalized medical care with kind hearts and attentive hands will help in revitalizing medicine.

Doon Institute of Medical Sciences will be an organization respected by our peers for excellence in teaching, research and clinical care. We will be distinguished for preparing graduates who achieve excellence in their chosen fields and who demonstrate an extraordinary compassion and commitment to the service of others. Doon Institute of Medical Sciences will finally be known as the place where everyone would like to learn, teach, conduct research and to receive his or her health care.

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment, so blinded by desire, that they cannot fore see the pain and trouble that are bound to ensue; and equal who fail in their duty.


It is my great privilege to introduce you to Doon Institute of Medical Sciences, which is well driven by values and excellence. We at DIMS have a mission to create & disseminate knowledge by developing & widening the quest quotient of our students with enthusiasm & excellence.

We aim to produce efficient & competent health professionals who are capable of providing quality healthcare to people. The core values of discipline , integrity , holistic learning and professionalism , are all closely interwoven into the fiber of our academic programs. We are dedicated to meet challenges of the new millennium in the field of medical so as to make our country healthy and modernistic.

In the end I take this opportunity to welcome you all at DIMS and wish you all the very best in accomplishing your dreams.