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Admission Helpline: +91-7017906634 | +91-9389709718


Welcome to DIMS, where education and healthcare converge seamlessly to create a comprehensive experience for personal and professional development. At DIMS we go beyond the traditional role of an educational institution. Offering diverse range of degree programs and internationalized curriculum, we are committed to fostering leadership qualities, ensuring that your academic journey is transformative with DIMS.In parallel, DIMS Hospital complements our commitment to education by embodying healthcare excellence. Equipped with top-notch facilities and staffed by a dedicated team of medical professionals, DIMS Hospital has our steadfast dedication for the well-being of our community and country.


DIMS is committed to positively influencing society through the pursuit of academic and research excellence in medical and agriculture sciences. We create, preserve, transfer, and apply knowledge to shape the future. By bringing together leaders in various fields, we inspire the next generation and advance ideas that benefit the world. Concurrently, DIMS Hospital extends this mission to healthcare, ensuring the well-being of our community through dedicated medical services and a commitment to excellence in patient care.


DIMS envision an educational environment where students are empowered to maximize their potential. In the era of rapid globalization, we strive to create pa thwa y s for l imitless c a reer possibi l ities. Simultaneously, DIMS Hospital is a beacon of healthcare excellence, envisioning a healthier society through accessible and compassionate medical services.


Our shared values are the true essence of the DIMS culture, influencing every aspect of our community. These enduring beliefs guide us in our pursuit of what is suitable and desirable. In shaping our DIMS and hospital community's behavior. Integrity, compassion, innovation, and excellence are not just words but the guiding principles that unite DIMS and DIMS Hospital in their respective missions.Together, we form an integrated approach where education and healthcare work in tandem to shape a future of excellence and ensure the holistic wellness of our community and our country.


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