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Admission Helpline: +91-7017906634 | +91-9389709718



The DIMS is able to provide a wide range of tutoring, agriculture, Hospital related jobs to the students who are currently studying at the DIMS. We can commit to providing faster and efficient feedback to students.

We also hope that you will benefit from this exposure to the teaching environment. This type of work provides a valuable insight for those considering a career in Hospitality, agricultures and useful transferable skills. Work on a particular course might also improve your knowledge of a subject area, or open up new research opportunities.

To help meet these challenges, Fortunately, we have a talented and dedicated team staff members that have already made significant contributions and all of us are eager to chart the future and share it with our Medical and Agricultural fraternity. For the seamless access of the e-resources to the faculty staff & students, we have provided 24-hours internet connection. For the convenience of the students, faculty members are regularly updated about new medical technology and agricultural research.